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turbinesWe are a renewable energy corporation formed specifically to bring innovative technology to the Midwest. There are many renewable energy options available to our customers.  We bring a level of expertise to the field that makes Wind Power and Solar Power even more practical for customers in the Chicago area and across the country. Our dream is to make wind turbines as commonplace in the U.S. as high-efficiency home furnaces.  We think it's a realistic goal.  Home wind turbines could produce a significant part of the total U.S. residential electrical consumption by 2020, and it is an important goal.  Over its life, a small wind turbine can offset approximately 1.2 tons of air pollutants and 200 tons of carbon dioxide and other polluting gases.  Not to mention electricity costs become fixed and excess electricity can be put back into the electricity grid to provide the customer with energy credits!

Important Impact Announcement  

The American Recovery and Re-investment Act (2009 Stimulus Package)

CapitolOn February 17, 2009 President Obama signed the American Recovery and Re-investment Act of 2009 into law. With a significant emphasis on renewable energy technology deployment and job expansion, the bill improved upon the 2008 tax credit by removing cost caps. This change allows consumers and small businesses to take a 30 percent tax credit off the installed cost of a wind turbine. To a consumer or business purchasing a single 2.4KW residential wind turbine, this doubles the credit. Additionally, consumers and businesses also have the option of receiving the credit in the form of a cash grant.





 HELP US GROW!  S.O.S. Energy has joined President Obama in the call to harness the wind and the sun.  Be a bold eco-friendly donor.  Your donation will help S.O.S. Energy offer unique cost saving wind and solar products in the Midwest.        



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